HybridHybrid vehicles are more and more common these days, with nearly every car manufacturer offering at least one hybrid vehicle as part of their line. These gas/electric combo vehicles provide drivers with not just amazing gas mileage, they avoid the problems you find in cars that are all-electric. But owning a hybrid comes with its own set of challenges and responsibilities. If you are a hybrid driver, The Auto Shop of Chapin is here to help with all your service and repair needs.

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As a hybrid driver, you probably already know that hybrids cost no more to service than a standard gasoline-powered vehicle. But since a hybrid engine runs partially on gasoline, it needs all the standard services any other car would require. This includes regular oil changes, AC & heat service, transmission service, brake service, and more. A hybrid’s partially electric engine requires no extra services beyond what a standard gasoline car would, but it is best to check your hybrid’s owner’s manual to see what services are required and when.

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Hybrids tend to be extremely reliable, but eventually, all cars need repairs. Hybrids face a unique set of challenges, despite their reliability. Hybrids can have issues with underperforming batteries, low highway gas mileage, bad oxygen sensors, and faulty EVAP (emissions) systems. If your hybrid has any of these issues, or anything else is wrong – from AC issues to brake problems to engine and transmission malfunctions – the experienced team of hybrid experts at The Auto Shop of Chapin has your back. We can get your car in, identify the problem, discuss any needed repairs with you, and get you fixed up and back on the road in no time.

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Drivers of regular gasoline engine vehicles will never know the joys of putting ten bucks into a gas tank and seeing the “miles until empty” jump up by hundreds of miles, but that’s OK. It’s a joy that hybrid drivers get to experience. Even though hybrids are relatively new (the first was rolled out in 1898, but they began gaining popularity in the early 2000s), they are safe, reliable, fuel-efficient and just a great choice when considering a new vehicle. So whether you are looking to join the hybrid family or you are already a hybrid driver, the team of experts at The Auto Shop of Chapin in Chapin, SC, can help with any hybrid service or repair you may need. Make an appointment today!

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