diesel repair near chapin, scDiesel drivers are a discerning bunch. They value power, reliability, and durability in their vehicles, and have for years. At The Auto Shop of Chapin in Chapin, SC, we love our diesel engines as much as you do, and we take a great deal of pride in being the area’s foremost expert on the service and repair of diesel engines of all kinds. So if you drive a diesel engine vehicle or have a fleet of diesel vehicles, we want to be your partner in keeping that engine humming for years to come.

Powerstroke Service Chapin SC

Widely considered to be among the most durable and reliable diesel engines, the Ford Powerstroke diesel engine is a favorite among drivers. Found in larger Ford trucks, the Powerstroke engine has long been an industry leader. If you drive a vehicle with one of these impressive engines, bring it by and let us see how we can help you out.

Duramax Service Chapin SC

Among the most efficient of the diesel engines, the Duramax diesel engine is one of our favorites. In production since 2001, this high horsepower engine has carved out a niche for itself in a crowded diesel market. Normally found in GM and Chevy vehicles, you can’t go wrong with a Duramax engine, and we’d be happy to work on yours.

Cummins Service Chapin SC

With its high horsepower and torque, the Cummins diesel engine is among the most hard-working diesel engines. Made for industrial use, this engine can not only be found in personal vehicles, but also in heavy industrial equipment. It even has maritime uses! If you’ve got a vehicle with a Cummins engine, we can help you keep it running in tip-top shape.

Diesel Service & Repair Near Me

Powerstroke, Duramax, or Cummins, at The Auto Shop of Chapin works on them all. We are proud to offer a full slate of diesel services, including, but not limited to:

  • Complete Engine Bulletproofing
  • Engine Replacements
  • Transmission Replacements
  • Fuel Injector Replacements
  • Exhaust Upgrades
  • Turbo Replacements & Upgrades
  • Tuners & Programmers
  • Stock Repairs To Wild Upgrades
  • Head Stud & Head Gasket Replacements
  • DEF Repairs, Service & Solutions
  • DPF Repairs, Service & Solutions
  • EGR Repairs, Service & Solutions

No matter what your diesel truck, work vehicle, or fleet may need, the diesel experts at The Auto Shop of Chapin have got your back. We can get your diesel vehicle running like never before, and our list of available services ensures it will keep running excellently for years to come. Make an appointment with us today!

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